Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is FAA 145 Search?
FAA 145 Search is a Search Engine for aviation related companies or individuals from any sector of the aerospace industry looking for a qualified FAA 145 repair shop to overhaul a component, assembly, engine or aircraft to airworthy standards. This helps aircraft operators and owners find a qualified repair station fast, easy & free!
How does it work?
When searching a part number or keyword from our website it will return certified FAA 145 repair stations that have uploaded their capabilities list and included that particular part number in their repair capabilities. Visitors can submit unlimited RFQ's to the selected repair stations they choose through our RFQ page and contact them directly for a quote.
When was the last time FAA 145 Search was updated with the most recent FAA data?
Last FAA update was 06-17-2024 08:05 EST. This is the last time our system was updated with data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Does this site get in the middle of the customer/vendor relationship when quoting a job?
No! This search engine has no influence on who the customer selects to work on their parts or equipment. It makes no difference to us. A repair shop should be selected based on whatever the quality assurance criteria is for the customer. Customers still use whatever internal procedures they have to qualify and approve a vendor/repair station. The two parties work directly with each other. This search engine does not provide a means to collect a repair shops pricing data or anything between the two parties, it's business as usual for both parties. FAA 145 Search just connects the two parties and then we get out of your way!
Can anyone sign-up as a repair station?
No! If you do not see your company on our list of shops then you are not qualified to register. You MUST be a Certified FAA 145 Repair Station to register. We get this information from the FAA. Any public visitor can use our search engine for free to find a repair station, but in order to register and upload your repair capabilities you MUST be a repair station in good standings with the FAA. You are required to match your company name with your FAA certificate number during registration. We verify all registrations before approving.
Do I have to sign-up to search for a repair station?
No! - It's Free!
How does this search engine help FAA 145 Repair Stations?
We provide an opportunity for repair stations to receive sales leads by uploading their inventory and repair capabilities into our MRO search engine. This allows them to appear in the search results as a qualified repair station. We are another strategic selling option to help repair stations sell their inventory and repair services to customers Worldwide. If you are not a member, then you may have missed potential sales leads from the activity generated through our patented technology. Don't miss the opportunity to sell your repair services and reach new customers, sign-up today and upload your capabilities to get started. It's Free!
As a Repair Station, how can I be included in the opportunities available on FAA 145 Search?
Simply sign-up for your free account. After being approved you will be able to upload your capabilities list, logo, certifications, pictures and video of your company. This will enhance your profile on our website which will be viewable by the public and linked to your capabilities. Repair Stations that do not sign-up and add their repair capabilities will not show up as a qualified shop when searched by potential customers, therefore not taking advantage our sales lead generator.
Who receives the RFQ's for my Repair Station?
Each person from your company who registered and uploaded their capabilities on our site will receive the RFQ. Even though you can see your company profile on our site there is no way for any customer searching our site to know of your capabilities unless you have registered and uploaded your list. For Example; every FAA 145 Repair Station has an initial public profile on our site but even the Key Personnel listed will not get an RFQ unless they register and upload their capabilities.
I see our company profile but my name is not listed. I am in sales and want to be listed as a contact for RFQ's?
Simply sign-up for your free account! We will need to verify that you work for the repair station before approval. This will require you to authenticate yourself by communicating with our approval team via your company domain email or phone number from your company website. You will not be approved if you cannot authenticate that you work for the repair station. Signing up with a,, etc.. will not grant you access without further approval. Once approved you can upload your capabilities and receive RFQ's independently from others in your company.
How is this search engine different than other services?
Our FAA 145 Search website is a search engine not an online marketplace. We use our own patented technology to index your capabilities using search engine algorithms combined with data provided by the FAA. This makes what we do different. We don't advise our members to leave other services that work for them but to join FAA 145 Search as an additional selling tool for their business.
Does it cost anything to use FAA 145 Search?
No! It is free for the public to search for FAA 145 Repair Stations and submit unlimited RFQ's. It's also free for Licensed FAA 145 Repair Stations to upload their repair capabilities to receive request for quotes (RFQ's).
Where does FAA 145 Search get repair station company details?
FAA 145 Search receives Repair Station Data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We cannot alter any of the information we receive from the FAA. Repair stations can enhance their company profile by adding "Additional Details" like a Logo, Certifications, Capabilities, Pictures and Video.
I noticed my Repair Station Address and contact details are incorrect, how can I correct this?
We receive this data from the FAA. We cannot change this information in our system and we do not provide the ability for repair stations to change it from within their account on this website. You MUST contact your local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) to request the change. It will reflect on our site once it has been corrected at the FAA level. This process keeps the information accurate, credible and synchronized with the FAA.

IMPORTANT! "Additional Details" (i.e. Capabilities, Logo, Pictures, Certs, etc...) that were added to your profile by someone in your company who signed-up has nothing to do with the FAA data listed in your profile. DO NOT contact the FAA about correcting the "Additional Details" information that were added by your company - just sign-in to your account and update your "Additional Details". When in doubt, ask us via our live chat or the contact us form before contacting the FAA.
The contacts you see under Key Personnel are provided by the FAA and cannot be changed on our system. This data comes directly from the FAA. Typically, this is the FAA Quality contact person for your company and may not be a sales person for your company. Anyone from your company can register to show up as a sales person on the profile page to received RFQ's, just Sign Up! This does not reflect anything associated at the FAA. Your membership on this site has nothing to do with the information your quality people provide to the FAA for your company's license requirements. This site is strictly designed to help you sell your repair services. Using this site does not submit anything to the FAA as we are an independent company.
If I have an AOG what is the best method to send an RFQ to a repair station?
When submitting an RFQ through our site you can choose to send it to a repair station either by email, phone or fax. Although, our email system works very well, due to the complex nature of email technology, connecting servers all over the World that may have issues which are unforeseen and out of our control, we recommend contacting the repair station directly via phone if you need a quick response.
I am a repair station and need help uploading information to my profile, can you help?
Yes! If you need help uploading your capabilities watch our video by selecting it from the menu above. If after the video you still need help please click the Live Chat image at the top of this page or bottom right of this page to chat with our support reps. You can always send us an email from the Contact Us page. There is no phone support for this website.
How can I be removed from this website?
Please email us and we will remove you. Please be aware that if you are removed from our FAA 145 Search Site you will not be able to promote your repair services using our technology.
Contacting us for support.
You can contact us via the Live Chat on the site or by sending us an email from the Contact Us page. We do not provide phone support for this website.
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